How to Keep Your Kids Safe and Entertained When They’re Stuck Indoors

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How to Keep Your Kids Safe and Entertained When They’re Stuck Indoors 

Being cooped up inside is no fun whether you’re a kid or adult. Whether you’re self-isolating due to the pandemic or stuck inside on a rainy day, it takes a bit of creativity to find things to do around the house to stave off boredom. Below, Jalen's Bakery shares a few ideas for fun activities, as well as resources that will help you create a safe indoor environment for your kids.  

Keeping Your Kids Safe Indoors

Before planning fun activities, make sure your children are safe at home and understand what to do in case of an emergency.

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Entertaining and Educational Indoor Activities 

When you can’t leave home, boredom may set in, but these fun activities can keep everyone engaged. 

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It doesn’t take long for boredom to set in when the family’s stuck inside. With these resources, your kids can stay safe while also finding something more entertaining than their cell phones or video games.

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