How to knead dough

It's my dough and I knead it now! 😆

Image from Spruce Eats

Hopefully you love fresh dough just as much as I do, if so you'll love today's post brought to you by our friends over at Spruce Eats.

I wanted to create photos and a resource for handkneading bread, but haven't made time to do so yet. However, I don't want to keep you all waiting so we're sharing another great resource with you here today. Read the excerpt below:

"Kneading bread dough can be one of the most enjoyable steps of bread baking, but the idea of it can intimidate some novice bakers. Once you understand the simple steps, however, you will see how basic the process is and won't shy away from recipes calling for kneading.

The reason kneading is an important part of bread making is to create structure and strength in the dough, leaving it silky and soft with a little cushiony feel. " read the rest, including step by step process with photos here.

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Kneading photo source: Spruce Eats

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