Mindful Cards for Kids (PDF)

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Understanding how to deal with emotions and developing strong social-emotional learning (SEL) skills is key to a successful foundation for children. This set is intended to assist parents in engaging with their child or individually.

With this set of mindful cards, children will:

  • Learn to develop self-confidence, inner peace, and empowerment.
  • Realize their strengths and skills that make them unique
  • Increase your child's sense of security and self-esteem
  • Enhance their ability to concentrate, cope with stress, and relax
  • Be provided the tools to self-regulate

These cards are great for ALL children. It's important to note that something that may be relaxing for one child may not be for another, so we've designed the cards with the intent that the users will customize use to fit each child's needs and learning style.

Most children can learn to use these cards on their own once introduced to its' purpose, benefits, and usage. The cards were created to help children return to equilibrium when they become unsettled. We recommend using the mindful cards proactively, before a child become dysregulated. The goal is to assist children in feeling calm, creating their own peace, and self-confidence to maximize in other areas of life such as academics and social relationships.

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