3 Ingredient Vegan Hot Chocolate Bombs

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Vegan Hot Chocolate Bombs

When you pour hot water or milk over these hot cocoa bombs, they melt and magically release the mini marshmallows and cocoa hiding within.

We know you may have been seeing the new craze of Hot Chocolate Bombs. These  chocolate bombs have came to brighten up 2020 in a major way! If you have not heard of them, I'll give you a short description. They are chocolate spheres that are filled with cocoa powder mix and miniature marshmallows. You place the sphere in your favorite mug and pour steaming hot water or milk - whichever you prefer, and watch the chocolate melt away and magically release the inner goodness into your mug. I love the fact that it is not just easy to make, but also fun to watch as the sphere transforms from it's original state to liquid and release the mini marshmallows and other treats of your choosing. Read on to find out how you can create these chocolate bombs with just a few ingredients to impress those you choose to gift with these for this holiday season!

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After seeing numerous TIKTOKs, instagram reels, and even a few news clips about these hot chocolate bombs, I just knew I wanted to share this new craze with our readers. It's cute, it's fun, and they're making their way into the hearts of many people all over and that's the kind of energy we love to have & spread.


Semi sphere baking mold - You can get these in a variety of sizes, however I've found that these 2.5" molds make the best for 1 cup of hot chocolate.

Clear glass mug - Not necessary, but don't miss out on the fun by using a designed mug, use a clear mug to see all of the hot chocolate bomb magic!


Hot cocoa mix

Chocolate chip cookies (optional to crumble inside and outside your bomb)

Mini marshmallows (optional)

Sprinkles (optional)

Crushed peppermint (optional)


1. Melt your chocolate according to the package. (Melt in microwave at 15 second increments, stirring occasionally until smooth and able to pour.)

2. Using a spoon, fill each cavity of your baking mold with chocolate.

3. Pop molds into the freezer for 7 - 10 minutes to set.

4. Gently push the half spheres from the baking mold.

5. Fill 3 spheres with your ingredients 1 tablespoon hot cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, and any other add-ins.

6. Seal -Warm a microwave safe plate. Place the bottom of an empty sphere on the plate to lightly melt chocolate. Finally, place melted chocolate edge on filled half to seal.

7. Decorate - Pipe melted chocolate over your sphere, add sprinkles, crushed peppermint, crushed cookie bits, just use your amazing imagination to create a unique flavor, style and creation to express yourself.

8. Set - Freeze for 7 minutes or refrigerate for 30 minutes.


Place one hot chocolate bomb into your heat-resistant mug, pour one cup of hot milk or hot water over your bomb. Slightly after enjoying the bomb burst, stir until thoroughly mixed, and enjoy!


Do not overheat chocolate. Also, use a chocolate with 65% or more cocoa. Choose one with cocoa butter in it as it helps with the melting process.

Store away from heat or sunlight at room temperature for up to 2 weeks.

Be patient and have fun!







1 cup chocolate or melting wafers

4 Tablespoons hot cocoa mix

4 Tablespoons mini marshmallows

Thank you for learning how to create vegan hot chocolate bombs or vegan hot cocoa bombs whichever floats your marshmallows, for gifting this holiday season.

Have you made hot chocolate bombs? How did they come out for you? We'd love to hear any comments or suggestions, leave them below.

Also, share any photos with us on instagram @officialjalensbakery

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