4 Ways To Give Back Without Breaking Your Budget

Oftentimes we're hard on ourselves because we wished we had more so that we can afford to give to others. Well, I have good news - helping others doesn't have to take a lot of your time or cost money. I'm going to share with you 4 ways that you can help your community and the world around you.

1. Donate your time Many charities and non-profit organizations can only survive through the efforts of their volunteers. Volunteering is a very noble way to contribute to your community. There are a number of shelters, food banks, soup kitchens, senior citizens centers, big brother/big sister programs, animal rescues, etc. that are waiting for someone just like you to help make a difference. If you're in the Los Angeles area I highly recommend looking into www.khloekares.com and www.cst14.com. Those are my friends, so tell them I sent you to help out their amazing cause.

2. Donate a meal Cook a bit of extra food and give to your family or friend that may be feeling ill or suffering a loss or just because.

3. Compliment strangers My mom does this a lot, she compliments people and tries to look at the bright side of things. She said she does it because it helps her to feel good to see that she was able to brighten someone else's day - and I tried it for myself and IT WORKS.

4. Organize a drive If you have the time and energy, but not the money, you can organize a drive to receive donations for an organization fo your choice.

What ways do you enjoy giving back? Leave some ideas down in the comment, it may inspire someone else. If you have a nonprofit organization, feel free to tell us about it - leave your mission statement, link and 4 ways that others can help you.

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