Affirm Yourself & Your Child

You Are Worthy.

You Are Loved.

You Are Enough.

Words posted in our IG story this morning to encourage those that come across it to speak these things over their own life and to their children as well. Oftentimes as adults we get so caught up in "grown up stuff" that we forget to take time for ourselves and we also forget what it is like to be a kid. Think back to what it was like for you when you were a child. Did you need someone to

  • listen to you
  • to make you feel valued
  • encourage you
  • support you
  • show up to your sporting events/recitals
  • to provide a stable and safe environment
  • to help you understand how to build your self esteem/confidence
  • explore & foster your interests and learning style
  • to teach you how to properly communicate with others
  • to set boundaries and develop healthy routines
  • more importantly, to love you unconditionally

Be whatever you needed as a child, to your child right now. We have to put down those phones, step away from the stressors and take time to focus on what truly matters... our children (son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, neighbor, or mentee)!

When I had my daycare, my mission statement was "to provide an environment where children will be intellectually stimulated and encouraged to reach their full potential"

That is my core mission, no matter what I'm going through personally, speaking positive things into kids is one thing that I will always strive to do. If you slip up and allow your emotions to control you, instead of you controlling them - guess what you can do, *drum roll please* apologize *insert dramatic gasps*, yes, apologize then explain what you did wrong and how it could have been handled more appropriately. Use this as an opportunity to explain that it's not the mistakes that we make, but how we correct them that defines who we are.

What will you affirm for yourself and your children?

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-Jalen's Mom

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