Be More Kind

Thank someone every week:

Write 52 thank you notes each year, one every week to a different person.

Gratitude improves relationships, physical health, self-esteem, and your mindset. Start an annual gratitude tradition and write 52 thank you notes, one for every week of the year. You’ll feel great. The recipients will feel great. And the world will be a little kinder.

Need a template? Here you go:

Hi [name],

Just a little note to tell you how grateful I am to have you in my life.

Thank you for being who you are. Which (among many other things) is ______,_______, and _______.

You are the person who inspires me to __________________.

Thank you for being so great!
[your name]

Need more ideas? Check out the list below:

Write down someone's best qualities and give it to them.

Leave a positive review on your favorite local business.

Make handmade cards and drop them off a local homeless shelter, hospital, or senior citizens home.

Listen more than you speak.

Teach someone a skill or lesson you've learned that has added value to your life.

Write a positive comment on a website or blog.

Leave a generous tip.

Start a community garden.

Patronize at locally-owned businesses.

Donate books to libraries, children's hospitals, pediatrician offices, etc.

Be friends with the new kid to the school.

Find more Kind Ideas by visiting the source of the above content: Radom Acts of Kindness

Day 10 of the Become More Challenge

  • Read more
  • Be more kind to others
  • Exercise more
  • Take more time to meditate
  • Dedicate undivided time to spend with your loved ones
  • Make time to track your spending habits
  • Clean more - house, car, energy
  • Become more grateful for who & what you currently have in your life
  • Be more intentional with your purchases, is the return greater than the investment?
  • Speak more life

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