Dream More

The time you are guaranteed, is the time that you currently have... You can do one of two things in this moment, either take steps to make your dreams your reality or to let your dreams fade away... what will you choose to do?

Don't delay your dreams, don't doubt yourself... you can do this! Find peace in knowing that you create your own reality.

No one else can change your mood without you first giving them the power to do so. Nothing can stop you from reaching your goals except you. You hold the key that unlocks anything and everything that you desire. You are amazing. What steps will you take right now that will get you closer to making your dreams your reality?

doubt kills more dreams than failure quote

Day 22 of the Become More Challenge

  • Read more
  • Be more kind to others
  • Exercise more
  • Take more time to meditate
  • Dedicate undivided time to spend with your loved ones
  • Make time to track your spending habits
  • Clean more - house, car, energy
  • Become more grateful for who & what you currently have in your life
  • Be more intentional with your purchases, is the return greater than the investment?
  • Speak more life

This challenge is in alignment with our Business Academy. If this challenge is helpful to you, you'll love our Become More Challenge Kids Edition.

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