How to Support Small Businesses During COVID-19 Pandemic

Local small businesses are the heart of every community. During this current time, we've experienced what many of us would never imagine - our favorite local coffee shops had to close their doors. We're currently in a time where our favorite hair & nail salons and barbershops that get us looking and feeling just right, are temporarily closed. Gaining a face-to-face appointment with the dentist or doctor's office is a rare commodity. These businesses, often overlooked and undervalued are a vital part of our daily lives, and are currently suffering big time.

Small businesses are heavily impacted by the safety measurements from the COVID-19 pandemic. A sudden decrease in customers weighs heavily on small businesses who rely solely on this income to keep their doors open to hold on to their dream of being a pillar within their community for their family and for those that get inspiration of hope from their very existence.

Being a supporter of these businesses directly supports the local economy. The business owners are your friends and neighbors. This is the best time to support them and they will always remember this time - as a time when they didn't think they would make it - didn't know how their business would survive, but still got up daily to show up and someone like you decided to find ways to support them. Your decision to support or not support truly matters - now more than ever. So we wanted to compile a short list of ways that you can support local businesses.

1. Shop online. Even more convenient - have their products delivered to your home or office

2. Purchase giftcards. The holidays are around the corner, you're going to need them anyways, so stock up

3. Share their posts! People in your network may need their product or service, others are looking for businesses to support and you may just be the connector for that business and their new loyal customer that can help them to stay in business.


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