Interview with Jalen's Mom

Meet Jalen, the 11-year old CEO of Jalen's Bakery

He started his business at 8 years old with the hopes of getting a house & dog (golden retriever) for he & his mom. In his business, he uses funds to not just save for a house and college, but to also give books, clothes, shoes, and coats to children in need.

Jalen and his mother in 2015

Jalen believes in owning vs renting in order to use money more wisely. Jalen learned about business, financial literacy, integrity, amongst other traits from his mother, Sharhonda Mahan, as she homeschooled him during the most optimal time for learning as a foundation in which Jalen's Bakery was built upon. Jalen has a passion for helping others, so in his business he uses funds to not just save for a house and college, but to also give books, clothes, shoes, and coats to children in need. His first giveaway actually began during the birth of his kids' book club that he co-hosts with his mother which they started in 2013. Each year they continue to giveback to those in need and also to teachers and police & fire stations. With his business he has received great recognition locally from his county's school superintendent, from the Senator of California, he's been able to appear on local tv & radio stations as well as the Rachael Ray show and his story went viral being translated into at least three languages including Thai and Spanish.

Jalen and Rachael Ray

Jalen comes up with the designs for his merch on his website: and keeps up with the financials (income & expenses), helps design branding & marketing materials as well as planning of the business goals, he conducts interviews with other business owners that will be soon posted on his blog. With his mother, they also have planned out a business academy to help other kids to start their own business on a solid foundation as well.

Jalens products

His mother helps him to stay on track in many ways, by helping him to create schedules for homework assignments, daily reading, after his schoolwork is complete his schedule for his business is executed. She also plans trips to demonstrate the importance of traveling to see new perspectives and to enjoy life while working for a cause greater than self. His mother has been recognized on numerous occasions by his school district as a catapult for change and her philanthropic efforts and countless hours of volunteering to be a mentor for kids in their community.

Jalen and his mother in NY


"Support your children in every way that you can and encourage them to be themselves - make time to speak positive things to them on a daily basis. If they want to start a hobby, business, or to help their community, etc. help them in every way that you can to see their dreams come to fruition. Remember you are your child's first teacher. Be the kind of parent to your child that you needed when you were younger." - Sharhonda

For kids wanting to start their own business: "Think about why you want to start a business and use that reason to never give up and to get support from others. Do your research & learn as much as you can about the business that you want to start. There will be some people that don't believe in your dream or don't want to support you and that's ok, just don't give up - focus on your WHY and keep going because there are over 7 billion people in the world, if you get 50 NOs in a row, your next may be the only YES you need - if only to have the courage to keep going. The more that people know about your business the better. Your reason for starting your business will be the very reason that you don't give up on your business." - Sharhonda

Source: BLQ News - Media "This is absolutely amazing, we had the opportunity to talk to Jalen's mother, Sharhonda Mahan. Be sure to support Jalen by purchasing from his site: and following his instagram: @officialjalensbakery (and facebook: @jalensbakery)

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