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Hello parents and guardians,

With the abrupt break from schools I know how hectic things may be for both you and your children. I want to provide a space for you to come to help make the best of this time with your kids at home to learn and have fun. I will list a few resources that I used when I homeschooled Jalen and will continue to upload new resources as they are introduced to me. Thank you for sharing this page with other parents and leaving helpful comments below with any resources that may help another parent/guardian. Learn more about our company, Jalen’s Bakery, by clicking here.

First recommended source is to check with tour child’s school, teacher, or principal to see if they have resources for your child.

Resources for Math:

Resources for Reading:

Resources for Mindfulness:

Jay Shetty live on YouTube for 20 days Starting 3/20 at 9:30am PST

Resources for Science:

Resources for Foreign Language:

Resources for Social Studies:

Resources for Typing:

Dance Mat Typing
Resources for Coding:

Resources for Virtual Field Trips:


Arts & Culture

Resources for Studying Animals:

Resources for Art:



Draw with author & illustrator JJK

Abstract with Keri Smith

Resources for Social Emotional Learning:

Resources for Kids Podcasts

Brains On! - Science

But Why? -Curious Kids

Wow in the World

Resources for FUSD students:

Fresno Unified School District Resources

Resources for Full Classes at Home:

Grades K-3rd

Resources for Full Homeschool Curriculum: 

If your child is in a school district that uses iReady for grade-level learning, learn to navigate at home:

Other Resources:

coronavirus plan

Ivy League Courses

Positive & Encouraging Messages

Valencia Clay’s Classroom

Resources for Free Internet:
Comcast’s Internet Essentials

Charter Communications’s Spectrum

Resource for Affordable Internet:

Decision Data

Please check back as I will continue to look through my previous homeschool resources that I’ve used in the past and get resources from others to upload here. Thank you also for sharing with other families. Let’s continue to support one another.


  • Sharhonda Mahan

    Thank you Bridget and Janice. I have added your suggestions to the list. I appreciate you both!


  • Janice Thomas

    Here’s a great site for random help for parents:

  • Bridget Roelse

    Can you please add iReady to this list? The lessons are at their level. Thank you.

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