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Today, as I was driving across a three lane intersection a car pulled into traffic and skipped the two lanes closest to him and slightly hit me in the third, far left, lane... I immediately smashed on my brakes as to avoid major damage, however this very small hit & run incident made more of an impact to my mindset than to my vehicle. No injuries on my end and I can only assume that there were none of the person that sped off. Slightly after that moment I began to be grateful for a few things:

  1. I moved from the middle lane to the third seconds prior to the car slightly hitting me
  2. I was able to see what was happening and step on my brakes without there being any major collision
  3. I was able to drive away with a new perspective

I believe that things happen for a reason. In the moments of danger or major pain our concerns are not the same as those when we are without pain, grief, and danger. What if we focused more of our attention on things that really matter - like time with family, forgiving others, letting go of past pain, enjoying the moments that we have right in front of us... if it won’t matter in 5 years, don’t spend an awful amount of time worrying or stressing about it.

People that are on their death bed don’t wish for more money or more things - they wish for more time. Let this be a reminder to live more. “Everybody dies, but not everybody lives” and the only moment that we are guaranteed... is NOW. So decide to live now.

What can you decide to do today to live more?

According to a Harvard study, focusing on building & maintaining good relationships is an essential key factor in living more.

Day 24 of the Become More Challenge

  • Read more
  • Be more kind to others
  • Exercise more
  • Take more time to meditate
  • Dedicate undivided time to spend with your loved ones
  • Make time to track your spending habits
  • Clean more - house, car, energy
  • Become more grateful for who & what you currently have in your life
  • Be more intentional with your purchases, is the return greater than the investment?
  • Speak more life

This challenge is in alignment with our Business Academy. If this challenge is helpful to you, you'll love our Become More Challenge Kids Edition.

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