Plan Big Dreams Even in Unprecedented Times

So many emotions... times like this force us to see that things can change at any given time and that life doesn’t always go as planned.

What is happening right now is unprecedented. All around there are many outlets that make you feel emotions that evoke fear, sadness, loneliness, scarcity... so I wanted to write something a bit different.

We should all be mindful, but not fearful during this. Right now is a great time to step out as a leader to serve others, to increase your self awareness and knowledge, to create your new standard. Even during adversities and inconvenience you can find a silver lining, practice resilience, remain with a positive-mindset and be the voice of reason while having an inspiring attitude that would help you and others to be productive and to move forward in preparation and not separation of your goals and reality.

Don’t give up on your dreams!

Take this time to grow spiritually, mentally, physically and otherwise so that you become stronger once this too has passed. This is a perfect time to strengthen your relationships, accumulate new skills, and get closer to being the person that you always knew you could be. In due time you will be proud of the decisions you are making right now. You will get closer to reaching your goals and you will not be stagnant!

Oftentimes we can not control what happens, but we are in full control of how we respond to what happens.

We can think of ourselves at this time as being in a 🐛 cocoon and it’s imperative that we use this necessary time to prepare for our next level! 🦋

I certainly want to step out and do more productively and give more to others as often as I can. Often we have to go through some level of discomfort in order to see real growth. We then quickly realize that true joy comes from giving from within. Give without expectation, while also filling your own cup... so that your joy, love, and positivity will overflow and never run dry.

Plan big dreams and live out loud! Spread this energy with others around you while rocking our plan big dreams apparel.

We here are rooting for your success!

- written by Sharhonda Mahan

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