The Best Way to Start Your Day

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Originally posted April 2016

Rise & Shine Intro

Hi there, how are you? I'm going to share with you what I like to do to help me do better in school and to have a great start to my day. The first thing that I like to do in the morning is pray it helps me to have positive thoughts. Then I like to get into the shower, because the water helps me to wake up. Next, I enjoy eating a healthy breakfast, what I had today was yogurt topped with granola, cranberry and almonds with orange juice and a banana, it was so good.

Great Breakfast

After I eat breakfast, I double check to make sure that my homework assignment is in my homework folder and a pencil is in my backpack then I am ready for school. When I pray and get in the shower with warm water and eat a good breakfast I do good in school. Today I did all of these things and got on a good color at school and the effects of me getting on a good color was going to the movies with my grandpa so that was rewarding. I was very proud of myself and will work on getting on an even better color tomorrow.

How do you start your day? Let me know in the comments below.


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