This Month is all about Becoming More

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Today marks a new work week, a new month, a new quarter... what if we took the time to step into a new path that we've always wanted to go? According to studies, there are a lot of people that are not living in their full potential. This month let's see what happens if we dedicate time to move more into the direction of being more intentional! Each day young kids are taught "you can be anything you want in life" or something along those lines... however, somewhere in between adolescence and adulthood, it goes from living the dream to surviving the day, still not living up to their full potential. Those dreams can still be achieved with clear plans and intentional steps each day. What would the world look like if we all decided "despite what I am currently going through, despite my current circumstances - I am going to become a better me and enjoy all life has to offer". We change the world by changing ourselves so I encourage you to go on this journey of becoming better in every aspect, each day for a full month. Check-in here each day to read a new post to help remind you to stay on track. Feel free to share these posts with your loved ones, as the more people that get on board the better our world will be. SHARING IS CARING is another fundamental lesson taught at an early age that we could practice more.

This month we will focus on being more disciplined in our daily activities & intentions, by being consistent even when it feels uncomfortable we will inspire others around us and encourage them to do the same. You owe it to yourself to live the life that you deserve & desire.

Each day of this challenge we are welcoming more positivity into our lives:

  • We will read more
  • Be more kind to others
  • Exercise more
  • Take time to meditate more
  • Dedicate undivided time to spend with our loved ones
  • Make time to track our spending habits
  • Clean more - house, car, energy
  • Become more grateful for who & what we currently have in our lives
  • Be more intentional with our purchases, is the return greater than the investment?
  • Speak more life into ourselves, our kids, our spouse, our neighbors', our co-workers, our employees, our loved ones, people we meet on the train, bus, walking down the street

...this month we become MORE. Are you ready for this challenge?

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