Top 30 Ideas to Have Fun This Summer


There are a lot of things that you can do in the summer, I'll share my top 30 ideas and in the comments you can share with me your favorite or add to my list. Enjoy!

  1. Go to a baseball game
  2. Have a beach day
  3. Visit local parks and libraries for their activities
  4. Pack a picnic and good reads to enjoy anywhere
  5. Make popsicles
  6. Have game night as much as possible, what's your favorite game?
  7. Start a business, Fun Fact: Jalen's Bakery started in Summer 2016
  8. Visit your nearest Farmer's Market
  9. Start a 15-day DIY challenge
  10. Donate clothes and toys to make room for the new school year
  11. Swim more than you walk, I love swimming lol
  12. Have a random acts of kindness week
  13. Join a summer camp of a subject you enjoy. I've joined summer camps for stop motion animation, robotics, starting a lemonade stand business in the past.
  14. Travel to places you've never been before
  15. Have an outdoor movie night
  16. Visit your nearest water park
  17. Participate in a neighborhood sports game
  18. Visit a farm where you can pick your own fruit
  19. Start your own garden
  20. Have water balloon fights
  21. Take a hike
  22. Go on a family bike ride or walk
  23. Participate in a scavenger hunt
  24. Build a slip n slide or an obstacle course
  25. Visit a theme park
  26. Join a summer reading program - spend time reading about things you enjoy
  27. Create a summer bucket list and map it out so it gets done.
  28. Spend a lot of time with family and friends
  29. Do something artsy like finger painting
  30. Have fun and make lots of memories

Bonus: Pop quiz, which kids' tv show is this theme song excerpt from?

"There's 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it. So the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it"

Type your answer below.

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  • I didn’t have any plans for summer because I’m always working. After reading this list I’m going to have some fun. Thank you. I think I’ll try picnic at the park and kindness week of some sort. Enjoy your summer.


  • That all sounds fun! I hope to go ice skating, skateboarding, and to visit my grandma in Mexico this summer.


  • I like this list, especially the ones about swimming, water park and taking a hike. They all are pretty fun. Thanks for sharing Jalen!


  • These are all awesome ideas great share! My son and I are looking to pack in as much summer time fun as possible! Like Phineas and Ferb says there are 104 days of summer vacation and this list is a great start!


  • Great Ideas, we will have to try a few! I was just looking up library activities for my kids earlier today.
    The theater also has $1 movies Tuesdays & Wednesdays.
    Theme Song is from Phineas and Ferb!

    Linda Catano

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