Top 4 Ways to bring your family to the table

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If 2020 hasn't taught us anything else, it's taught us that spending time with those we love is what matters most! We were ordered to stay home to be with those we live with and had to come up with ways to stay connected with and show our love to distant friends and relatives. So as we prepare for 2021, let's keep that same energy to create memories that will last a lifetime. Here are a few activities that we enjoy:

1) Family Game Night

It's one of our favorite nights. There are so many games to choose from; Uno, Chess, Connect 4, Cash flow for kids, and Jenga. This can also be subbed out for book night, where you all share your favorite books or short stories!

2) Dream Night

This is a very special time to get to know your child more as they learn about themselves and you as well. Plan your future with your family, this will help you all help to keep one another accountable and sets great habits and begins a successful foundation to build upon. Discuss what dreams you want to accomplish, what needs to be done to accomplish them, and what problems may arise and ways to solve them. Rock your Relentless Dreamer hoodie and let the planning begin!

3) Time Capsule Book

Look over all your family photos from your phone or DSLR camera this year, upload to MixBook, and create a family photo book for the year.

Photo Books

4) Family Meal

Use our delicious pancake mix to prepare a family breakfast or brunch together, eat together, and make use of the complementary conversation cards to get the conversations started!


What other ways do you and your family get together around the table? Share your ideas below.

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