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We are learning all about fair trade and what it means to us as business owners and consumers. We take great pride in being a business built upon helping others. Once we learned about fair trade and its' mission we immediately decided to implement new strategies to be more conscious of our buying. Here are a few bullet points of what we've learned so far. We'll follow up with a video from the official site so that you too can learn more about fair trade and what it means to our world.

  • Purchasing Fair Trade Certified products helps local farmers to compete with large contracted farmers and still maintain a sustainable quality of life by not having to work for free.
  • The fair trade license fees generate funds, which are given to the fair-trade communities. This money is specifically designated for social, economic, and environmental development projects such as scholarships, schools, quality improvement and leadership training, and organic certification.
  • Fairtrade certified products are free of genetically engineered ingredients and must be produced with limited amounts of pesticides and fertilizers and proper management of waste, water, and energy.

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