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How to Keep Your Kids Safe and Entertained When They’re Stuck Indoors

2021 Jenna Sherman

Image via Pexels How to Keep Your Kids Safe and Entertained When They’re Stuck Indoors  Being cooped up inside is no fun whether you’re a kid or adult. Whether you’re self-isolating due to the pandemic or stuck inside on a rainy day, it takes a bit of creativity to find things to do around the house to stave off boredom. Below, Jalen's Bakery shares a few ideas for fun activities, as well as resources that will help you create a safe indoor environment for your kids.   Keeping Your Kids Safe Indoors Before planning fun activities, make sure your children are...

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31 Quotes from Women for Women History Month

International Women's Day women's history month

March is Women's History Month, so to celebrate we will share 31 quotes for each day in this month. We hope to inspire others in some way or another by compiling these quotes here. Feel free to share them to your family, friends, and social media. Our focus product this month is our Relax & Snack Box. Inside this box is our vegan cookies, gourmet puffcorn, 4 oz candle, and a 31-day focus journal. We've featured 3 women owned businesses in this box. Click here to order yours now. Now. let's get to the quotes... Leave a comment below with your...

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Recipe: How to make homemade strawberry jam

Homemade jam for peanut butter and jelly pancakes.

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Top 4 Ways to bring your family to the table

Top four ways to bring family together.

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Vegan Ginger Pancakes Recipe

Easy, delicious vegan gingerbread pancakes 🥞 using Jalen's Bakery vegan pancake mix!

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