About Jalen

Growing up in the kitchen baking and making memories with his mother, Jalen grew a love for baking at an early age. As an entrepreneur herself, Jalen’s mom decided to teach him about owning his own business. Informing him about other children that started their own companies at a young age to encourage him to follow his dreams despite his age.

“Jalen’s Bakery” isn’t the first business that his mother helped him to start… he started a book club for kids in 2013, where they held weekly reading & activities in their apartment living room. Once the meetings outgrew their apartment they decided to reach out to their local library where they then held weekly meetings there and invited mentors to come in to read and speak with the students to encourage literacy, importance of leadership and respect. Each student was encouraged to do a presentation on their perspective of the book they read together that evening- this improved their confidence and communication skills, which was a great bonus to having fun and meeting new friends. Jalen also provided free books and snacks for each student with donations and money received from a jewelry business he started.

In 2016, Jalen decided that he wanted to take his business a step further, so his mother registered him for a business class during the summer. There, he learned a few business marketing skills such as how to create a logo and flyer.

After completing the class, he decided that he wanted to start a “real business” – one that would help to get a bigger kitchen and backyard with a dog for himself and mother as well as save up money to attend college and assist with his philanthropic desires. So after much consideration and research Jalen and his mother decided to obtain a business license for his new business endeavor and thus came: “Jalen’s Bakery”.

Jalen’s Bakery delivers locally to the Fresno area and thanks to Jalen’s dedicated customers and supporters from around the world he also ships baked goods nationwide, “to put a smile on the faces of many.”

With hard work and dedication, Jalen hopes to see all of his dreams come true.

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“If you want to eat tasty, delicious, and wonderful treats that have lots of love in them…then you’ve come to the right place. Order from Jalen’s Bakery and you won’t be disappointed.” – Jalen, CEO of Jalen’s Bakery

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