Jalen Loves Helping Others

Our CEO, Jalen, has enjoyed doing for others since a very young age.

In 2012, Jalen asked his mother if he could join a book club so that he may be able to learn from, teach and share his love of reading with other children his age. However, at the time, his mother could not find a book club that consisted of kids his age nearby... So she created a kids book club for him. Starting in their apartment living room, they opened up their home and invited neighborhood children to read books, participate in activities to boost confidence & increase reading comprehension skills, with healthy refreshments. Their living room, became too small to host the kids that began to attend so they reached out to their neighborhood library to host the book club there and so they did. Each member of the book club, received books of their own to start a home library. Jalen desires to continue with his book club and hopes to inspire others to start book clubs to promote literacy for kids!

Jalen continues to take the lead and donate time and resources for the betterment of those around him. Here is a list of what Jalen’s Bakery has done in the last two years:

  • Given away over 200 coats and socks to kids without them.
  • 100+ backpacks filled with school supplies.
  • 40 gloves and pair of shoes were given to children in need of them.
  • Over $700 was donated to schools.
  • Over 80 children’s books have been given away to students that did not have books at home.
  • Diapers and handmade cards were donated to victims of Hurricane Harvey.
  • Dozens of cookies have been donated to fire stations, police stations, homeless shelters, and senior citizen homes.
  • Donations to wonderful organizations such as Able Advocate’s annual fundraising gala 2017 – They provide appropriate resources and support to parents and caregivers of children with special needs in order to assist them with navigating the health care system with greater ease, and to do all things appropriate to further such purpose.

With your continued support of Jalen’s Bakery – Jalen can continue to giveback in many ways.

How can you help? Click below to donate now, 100% of the donations received will go towards giving to low-income students & families.

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