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Imagine waking up in the morning to get paid to help other people protect their family and becoming financially independent while creating immediate and passive residual income for yourself and your family. Imagine bringing your friends along and making new friends along the way and living the lifestyle of where to live, what car to drive, where you travel to, being able to put your kids in the best schools, buying the things that you want when you want! This is possible. In the next few minutes, you will hear about an industry that is exploding all over the world, you'll discover a company that is revolutionizing this industry and helping people, just like you, to create financial freedom for your family. You're about to see how you can be a part of it, even if you don't see yourself being financially free. 

I am sure you're sitting right where I once was wondering how exactly does all of this work and can it work for me? I was there not long ago trying to figure out how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be, I knew that I had the potential to do more in my life, but I just didn't know how to. Well just think of where we currently are in our society, there are so many people having car washes and creating gofundme accounts to try to pay for burial expenses, some people are becoming depressed with not having enough money to pay for their regular bills on top of trying to come up with funds to bury a loved one. Not many families are talking about preparing for their burial expenses and therefore the living members are forced to figure things out. In addition, few people are planning for retirement so once they reach a certain age and can no longer work like they did when they were in their twenties, thirties, and forties, and now living on a very low fixed income they are more likely to suffer from depression or other consequences. So what we do is inform people and families about their options on how to get their families protected while they're alive and even when they are no longer here. Think about who it is that you personally know that need to learn to start planning for the future, understand how to make their money work for them and become debt-free. You're obviously the kind of person that wants to live debt-free, plan for the future, learn to be financially free, and change your life - all you have to think about is who else do you know that wants to live that very same way. If you can invite a few friends to help them see the benefit in preparing for their future by getting covered and eliminate their debts then I promise that you too can create a passive residual income not only by helping others but by doing something to help yourself.

Now let's talk about the ways that we get paid, the very first way that we get paid here at PHP is something that we call retail commissions - imagine you drive traffic to your website where you invite your friends, social media followers, etc to your website where the audience can either enroll to get their credit fixed, get coverage for life insurance - they sign up and our partners are going to do their part to fulfill their end by providing excellent coverage options or consolidate debts - depending upon approval & status. All you're doing is sharing information with others to help them and in return, you get paid a commission. When it comes to commissions you can make money every single day - this is the fastest way to get paid.

Me personally I needed to get money so I was posting online often, I was contacting everyone in my phone so that I can be sure that I let everyone know about our products and amazing prices which in return helped me to get myself on the right track financially. Then soon after I realized that I wanted to help way more people! I wanted everyone to know about planning for their future and setting up a better way to live for themselves and their family! It is so awesome to know that you have helped save others to look at life differently and to live more free & happily. So I was the kind of person that wanted to build my own team of people - this opportunity is completely optional - if you're like me and want to build a team or organization by spreading the word about this company then you can indulge in the second way of getting paid!

The second way that you can get paid is our fast start commission, it comes anytime you introduce the business to a friend, family member, social media friend, etc. and they join you - they have to get licensed in their state they live in and get appointed and at that time you are now able to earn a commission check on each of the sales your team members make. Here's a success story, income disclaimer - results are not typical and are based solely upon your own work ethic and mindset, our associate Matt Sapaula & his wife Sheena are able to live a $1.2 million annually based primarily on the fact that they worked very hard to find and recruit the best team under them - approximately 217 people - they connected with everyone and sacrificed a lot of time! They were able to expose everyone that they knew and met to this company, especially friends on social media and big things began to happen all because they understood the power of building a strong team and helping their team in every way that they can. Another way to get paid is by helping your team members build a team - you will also gain another commission on the team they build as well! Yes, so the more you help your team to be able to recruit - you too will directly benefit as well. It's a win-win situation!

The best way to get paid this year... is that this is that last year you can actually work towards gaining equity in the company!! That means ownership of a company - this is where the true generational wealth comes in at. Imagine gaining ownership of Apple, Amazon, Walmart when it first began... 


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10 years ago on Oct. 20, 2019 the vision and dream was casted by my friend and coach @patrickbetdavid of building a company "you would want to be a part of" . . . A company that would do something that has never been done before. A company that would transform an industry, a company that would lead with innovation, culture and leadership. . . . And more importantly a ompany that would take care of their people first by providing the #1 compensation plan in the industry including owning a piece of real equity of the company while it's private. (And no that's not the same as stocks) . . . And I am proud to say #phpagency has been built with that foundation! My wife @thedivaentrepreneur and I have witnessed it from day 1 as co-founders and Co-Owner and now #1 Equity share holders in the company... . . . But what we are excited about the most is seeing our friends and business partners also have that same opportunity!! Not only will our company give you a shot to make a 7 figure income by building a a business that you own but you can have a shot to own equity that one day would be worth millions of dollars!! . . . Who will be next to get more shares this final round of equity in 2019??? . . . (Stay tuned for the full video) #valuetainment #entrepreneur #success #leadership #sales #lifeinsurance #instagood #photooftheday #follow #instagramers #equityownership #bigbaseshop #vision #motivation #lifestyle #inspiration #dreambig #latinohustle #noexcuses #pfs #therealwfg #worldfinancialgroup #pfa #successdriven #maxout #10X

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