Business Credit Course
Business Credit Course
Business Credit Course
Business Credit Course

Business Credit Course

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Discover the secrets and power of business credit!

This course provides potential and current business owners with the necessary knowledge to successfully use credit within their business. 

What is one thing that keeps rich people rich, but also keeps poor people poor? Other than mindset, it's Credit! Learning to leverage credit will help you to start building generational wealth. Let's start your journey to financial freedom now.

What you will learn in this course:

💎 How to position your business to receive funding through marketing

💎 How to start building business credit quickly & efficiently

💎  Over 20 business trade lines & vendors under tier 1

💎 Over 20 business tradelines & vendors under tier 2

💎 Over 10 business tradelines & vendors under tier 3, including auto financing without use of your personal credit!

💎 Each list of business tradelines & vendors include specific vendors that will immediately offer you business credit based solely on your business without a personal guarantor

💎 💎 50+ Small Business Grants you can apply for

💎 💎 Grant templates

Course materials included:

Funding plan template (great for obtaining loans)




Download able resources

Lifetime access

Yes, you CAN build business credit with:

✔ Bad personal credit

✔ Little to no income

✔  Without a PG (personal guarantor - no need to use your SSN)

✔ Start funding your business on credit starting today!

Prerequisite course: Start your LLC Course or have knowledge of legal entities; LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp or Partnerships.

More of what you will know by the end of this course:

Define what business credit is and why it is important to the success of any business

Name the credit bureaus for business credit

Describe the procedures involved in establishing business credit

Describe the legal business entities that best avoid personal financial liability

List the requirements to establish business credit

Outline the methods used to better ensure business credit approval

Determine different types of business credit available for your business

Describe common techniques to manage company debt

Build a diverse business credit file with revolving credit, installment credit, and service credit

Know which vendors and tradelines to leverage in order to build business credit fast and efficiently

You need to build Business Credit if you:

▪︎ Have a business

▪︎ Low on start-up funds

 ▪︎ Want to start a business

▪︎ Want to expand a business

▪︎ Want to qualify for government loans

▪︎ Want to qualify for big ticket grants

▪︎ Want to purchase a business vehicle

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