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Sometimes we just need someone to help us through the process so that we're not going in circles or getting overwhelmed to the point of giving up.

I'm here to help!

During this 2-day bootcamp we will go over every step that you need to take to build your business foundation to optimize your business credit journey.

You will go through the process of getting everything done and completed during the class.

What's included:

💰 Start Up Business Funding: Learn how to get funding for your business, even as a start up​

💰 Funding Strategies: Learn how to strategically set your business up to get approved for the loans and lines of credit you need

​💰 Business Credit Building: Learn how to build business credit that is not attached to your SSN/personal credit


Vendors list: Get a list of resources, vendors and lenders that will help you establish business credit and apply for funding.

​Live Q&A: Live Q&A session after the presentation

Lifetime Access: Lifetime access to the replay

What you will have (knowledge of) by the completion of this course:

  • Business website
  • Business email address
  • Business phone number
  • Business virtual address (if needed)
  • Simple logo
  • NAICS-SIC code
  • EIN
  • DUNS
  • Listed online for credibility
  • Vendor list and who they report to
  • Knowledge of best business banks to use
  • How to best position your business to build business credit quickly and efficiently
  • Business bank account
  • Free month of bookkeeping service
  • At least 4 vendors reporting

You are expected to go through the process with me during this course so that you can have these things set up by the completion of the course. We will have breaks during class as needed to give you time to complete steps.

Disclaimer Notice: None of these are guaranteed, as it depends solely on your own effort and in some instances your credit history. For example, it may take longer for bank approval if you're in chexsystem or something similar. Also, if you input your information incorrectly on any documents, there will be discrepancies that will cause you to have to wait longer. However, if you follow the steps correctly and efficiently, these goals are achievable within a reasonable timeframe. Results are based on your own efforts, abilities, and consistency.

Some of the steps in this course require you to make payment to third-party agencies. For example, your business domain can cost up to $15 to set-up. This and any additional fees to third-party vendors are not included in the pricing of this course.

There are absolutely NO REFUNDS!

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