Create a Business for Your Child in 30 days

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Let’s work together to build a legacy for our kids!

In this class you will learn how to:

• Choose a business to start for your child (includes market research techniques)

• Choose a name

• Set up the legal process (permits, taxes, insurance, trademarks, etc)

• Necessary team members (including recommended delegated members to set the business up for success)

• Build a sustainable business plan

• Brand like a Beast (Importance of defining a brand, brand colors, brand message/promise, how to position brand, what will attract customers, build brand awareness, learn how to create a brand kit, create a logo, create matching boxes)

• Create an elevator pitch

• Everything finance (how to calculate profit, let’s make a profit, how economy can affect our business and what to do)

• Market Madness (Get everyone to know your child’s company and goals! Market to your target audience, convert viewers to buyers, how to pitch to radios/podcasts/magazines)

• Create a sales funnel

• R.O.I (ways to reinvest in your company for longevity)