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If you would like to donate to Jalen and his various giveback campaigns, such as his coat giveaway, book giveaway, back to school drive, and adopt-a-family initiative, please use the button below. Thank you for your support..

Why Shop With Jalen's Bakery

"When you purchase from Jalen's Bakery, you're supporting a child's "dream". You are empowering a company that serves as an inspiration to kids all over the world to be a positive force in their community. You're giving back to homeless students because you're helping to provide for Jalen's annual backpack & coat giveaway. You're supporting kids reading & confidence building with Jalen's Bookclub that he hosts in an impoverished neighborhood, as he uses some of the profits from his business to provide books & materials. You're helping kids to learn about finding fun ways to work to get the things that they want because they mentor kids in learning about business, finance, & goal setting through their Legend In Training program. You're supporting local farmers/food distributors because Jalen purchases his ingredients locally. There's so much more to Jalen's Bakery than a delicious, from-scratch baked good and inspirational apparel, you're supporting the dream that no matter your age, no matter where you live or anything else - you CAN make a difference and you can do anything that you set your mind to. I'm so proud of everything that Jalen is doing and will continue to be a supporter & I hope you will too."